Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Improving comments

Hey bloggers

Today I will be showing you my Improved this blog comment.

Have you did an animation?
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Monday, August 13, 2018

My assembly recount!!

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On Thursday 9th August 2018, Parekowhai class had a assembly.We performed a amazing assembly at Hay park school, Parekowhai class also shared their learning with the whole school. We also hosted the assembly and showed our wonderful dance move, we danced to a song called wake up. We do assembly to celebrate people who get awards or to celebrate our learning with others. The people who was watching was the whole school and some parents. And we started our assembly at 9am 2018.

Firstly we started off our assembly with the  National anthem with the school. The after the National anthem  we asked a teacher called Mrs rai to wake up everyone up with a song called the wake up song. Then after we  sang the wake up song I talked about something we worked hard on for the last past few weeks and we talked about blogging.  After that Kanishka also talked about blogging, she explained what blogging is a place for. Kanishka said that blogging is a  place of fun where we share our learning. Ina also talked about blogging did you know some people in my class also blogged about them being bored at home. Then Mandita was  reading her writing about her best friend Ina coming to her house in the holidays, then Simon Summarising his kiwi kids news article about a dog that can do CPR.

After that I talked about what we did in week 1 so when we came back from the school holidays we talked about our bad habits. So Rhia and Gloria talked about their bad habits. Gloria´s bad habit was that she stays up to late and Rhia´s bad habits was that she bits her nails. Then after Rhia and Gloria finished taking about their bad habits , Fehi was talking about what we did on Cook Island language week. So what did we for  Cook Island language week was that we did some act work with our Principal Ms campbell. So when Ina finished talked about Cook Island language week, Fehi asked our Principal if she could kindly present the class awards for term 3. Then Ina ask who likes Youtube? Then I said WE DO TOO, but have you noticed that there are a LOT of rubbish videos of there and itÅ› sometimes hard to find a interesting, useful video, then fehi said  until now it we made it our mission to shift thought the bad things and locate content that is not education but also fascinating.

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My Noun poster and quiz!!!!

Bula bloggers

Here are some things I learned about Nouns!!!!!!!!


Here is my Google drawing poster about  proper nouns and common nouns.

And here is my Quiz about proper nouns and common nouns.

Fee free to try it out my quiz!!!!!!!!

Have you ever made a quiz? If you have let me know!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A Very Sick turtle

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Last week we watched a Video of a turtle that was  found at Ninety Mile beach.  The video was about a turtle that was very sick, It  turtle had small little shells and it was covered in moss. The Auckland Zoo took some blood samples and did a x-ray on the turtle. The Auckland zoo vet Hospital took care of it and made sure it had everything it needed.

The turtle had barnacles and was very sunburned, At the that time before they put the turtle into intensive care to be looked after. But sadly after 2 days the  turtle died. It was very emaciated. And when the post Mortem was done the Auckland zoo vet Hospital found out why it died. So it died because it had bits of plastic and a long piece of twine, so twine is like a pic of  sting .

This story tells us that when we go to any beach have fun but don´t forget not to leave anything behind and that we need to clean up our oceans. Auckland zoo is encouraging people to only use one plastic water bottle also not to keep buying  plastic bottles from the dairy.

Here is a video clip of the sick turtle!!!

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Remember to only use one plastic bottle!!

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Why do we Yawn Poster!!!!

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Sariah here again and Today I made a Why do we  yawn Poster. I have learned lots about Why we Yawn? Here is my Poster about why we Yawn!!

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Bula  Vinaka Bloggers

Today I will be taking about Why we Yawn. And why I will be taking about why we yawn is because a Youtube Channel called SciShow Kids has found out why we yawn?

Why do you think we Yawn?
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Also Feel free to check out SciShow Kids on YouTube!

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Te Reo Maori

Kia Ora,

Today I had Te Reo Maori and some of my Class mates learned it off by heart. Also the  person that comes  every Thursday comes and   I like it when he comes because even if I am not Maori I still get to learn more things about Maori .

Here are some Slides about Te Reo Maori.

Do you know how to Speak Maori let me know!!!
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