Monday, January 7, 2019

Guardians of the Sea!

Hello bloggers, Hows Life??,

Todays blog post is about telling you guys if i believe that taniwha exist.I dont believe they are real because i just dont believe that they are real. So yeah I hope you enjoyed this Blog post,feel free to comment and blog you later! See you later!<3

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World of Wearable (WOW) Art!


So i will be telling you bloggers about what would i be asking  Dame Suzie Moncrieff.

Here are the Questions!!!
1.Do u like fashion?
2.Are u Marred?
3.Where u do come from?
4.Where was your childhood in?

Feel free to comment about what would u be asking Dame Suzie Moncriff
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Let It Rain let it rain more like let it shine let it shine!!!

Salaam bloggers,

Today´s blog post again is about what happened when its storms and i open the door when it is like that the ground outside is super wet and like if clothes are outside and it rained it would be super super super super wet.

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And this was just a quick blog post!
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Changing Climates!

Nasmaste bloggers,

Todays blog post for the summer learning journey task is to tell you guys what I do when its sadly raining to go outside.So what I do is Stay inside,clean the house,help my brothers,mum or dad if they need help and if we go somewhere i go with my parents because its fun speeding time with them and plus you never know how much time you have lefted with them!

Feel free to comment what what u do when its SUPER DUPER RAINING!!!!
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Air Pollution!

Bonjour bloggers,

This summer learning blog post is about sharing three things I learned about air pollution. So what I learned about air pollution is that air pollution comes from natural sources but most air pollution results comes from human activities.Also I learned that there are different human air pollution.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!!!!
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Crazy, Cool Clouds!

Hola bloggers,

So sariah here with another blog post!.So this blog post is about telling you guys what you see I see in the photo. What shape(s) do you see? Be sure to tell us which picture (1, 2 or 3) you have chosen and describe what you see in lots of detail!.

Here is the Photo of the Cloud!!!
In this photo I can see  a cloud that has one shape that looks like an moustache. You cant really see it but their is a kinda purple and yellow color  near the moustache.I can see a bright blue sky and a dark blue (well kinda).

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Maui and the sun!/How Mani slowed the sun! MUST READ!!!!

Malo Lelei bloggers,

Hi Bloggers, so im back with another summer learning journey blog post,so this blog post is about a boy name Mani who trys to stop the sun because the sun goes too fast and their is not enough time for Mani and his brothers to do what they wanna do outside.Then when Mani told his brothers that he was gonna stop the sun........His brothers laughed at him. But one day Mani and his brothers worked on a rope.And at that same day and night Mani stopped then sun and as the day we on the sun get slow.

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